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PPE KN95 & 3-PLY

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Drachma Distribution

We are an innovative platform that is geared towards streamlining and optimizing the supply chain experience in product distribution. From Amazon to Walmart, brick-and-mortar to Ecommerce, we will source you all the products you need and help you save time, increase profits, and save you countless hours.

We are direct importer, supplier for Amazon FBA, and brokerage firm of PPE and have worked with trusted corporations, which enables us to offer competitive prices to the market.


Do you ship directly to Amazon? 

Yes, we ship directly to Amazon Warehouse. 

Are all of the products new unless otherwise noticed? 


How do you take payment? 

We take Wire Transfer, Zelle, Venmo, Credit Card and PayPal Payment (3% fee will incur) 

Do you provide invoice for ungating? 

We can generate mock invoice but does not guarantee ungating. 

What is your MOQ? 

MOQ is depend on the product  


Found my first profitable product for Amazon FBA with Drachma

Edward Han

Reliable and transparent, great company

Jamezy Boom

Amazing customer service, responsive in a timely manner

Ben Faham